Olifuco® (Oligo Fucoidan Powder) is a powder form fucoidan ingredient extracted from the effective and best quality brown seaweed with the world-exclusive low molecular weight extraction technology. With its high purity and only a molecular weight of 500 Dalton, the absorbency of Olifuco® was increased by at least 40% compared with other fucoidan ingredients. 

The nutritional-grade Olifuco® are superior in every respect; they are high purity, and supported by clinical evidence. Olifuco® is supplied as dry powders and suitable for a complete range of applications. The fine powder form made them easily to be manufactured into capsules, tablets and bulk nutritional formulations. Our fucoidans are also water soluble, allowing for ready incorporation into gels and functional beverages.

Functional of Olifuco® is well proven and more than 25 scientific studies are published. Olifuco® has undergone extensive in vitro, in vivo and human clinical testing. Examples of the potential benefits and biological effects identified in this testing include:


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