FucoSkin® (LWF Fucoidan) acts as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active that hydrolyses the fucoidans in Laminaria with powerful antioxidant properties. It inhibits UVB-induced MMP expression and are good inhibitors of the dermal remodeling enzymes called matrix metalloproteases. It is water-soluble, and preservative free. 

FucoSkin® helps significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles and regulates the inflammatory process and stimulate cell metabolism, thus reversing the signs of aging as well as improvement of skin elasticity and dermal collagen structure.

FucoSkin® is suggested for use in anti-aging care products, for face and body, lightening care products, facial mask, day & night cream, eye cream, anti-age spots creams and serums & protective formulations.


FucoSkin®  Human Skin Test 

Hi-Q specially entrusted authority of cosmetics research -Professor Yi Guanghui to presided the clinical test of FucoSkin ®

Twenty-five women aged 30-60 were enrolled in this study. VISIA Complexion Analysis System, Cutometer® MPA580 and DERMALAB® COMBO skin analysis system were used to assess the effect of using FucoSkin® Cream .